White Gold

She was 17, in labor and I felt her sadness.

“Are you sad?” I asked.

“ My brother in law was killed today.”

“I’m very sorry! -What happened?”-

“We were outside our home my brother in law, Jose, was in the hammock. The family was sitting around him, I was sitting besides him in a chair, when the to masked men came.They said that the children should leave, so they could talk to Jose. When the children left, the masked men pulled guns and shut my brother in law. Firing the guns many times.”-

“I’m so sorry.”

I held her hand. I can feel, that her brother in law, has been a very special person for her, and I asked her about him.

“Very, very special. I felt tired early today and I asked if he could help me          with the housework. He helped and then he made a tamarindo juice for the        family and me. It was hot in the house so we went outside. The landlord was      in the hammock. He got up and offered the hammock to Jose. The landlord        left then. We moved chairs to the hammock and we were drinking the juice        when the two masked men came.”

She paused.

“Why did they shoot him?”

“They were sent to shoot the landlord who was involved in cocaine                      business- but they shot the wrong man- my brother-in-law was just a poor        man.”

I held her hand in silence. Hours later she gave birth to a baby boy.                 She named him Jose

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