To White Gold

Honduras is a beautiful country with verdant rainforests, beautiful river valleys, gorgeous beaches and islands. But he country lies midway along the path used for trafficking cocaine.

A Honduran friend told me he had often been offered large sums of money to carry cocaine, but he always resisted. Cause once involved in trafficking of cocaine, it would be impossible for him to return to a quiet life. He couldn’t sleep quiet any longer, he told me.

Almost daily there are murders among the narco traffickers – it is almost a normal part of Honduran life.People have start to accept the violence as normal and they try to ignore it.

A few weeks ago a man shot his wife in front of their children. It was rumored that she had skimmed money from their cocaine business.

On a nearby Honduran island in a small village two homes were burned and several women and children died in the fire. It was rumored that men which lived in the village had stolen the cocaine and the fire were the punishment.

Of course non of this made the Honduran papers – it is not good for the islands tourism.

Cocaine the White Gold of Honduras leave many footprints on its way  from South to North to its consumers.

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